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Wayne Rooney

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Q: What man united player Where is t90 laser iv?
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Which Man United star wears Nike T90 Laser IVs?

wanye rooney

Which man uniyed star wears the nike t90 laser 2 footy boots?

it is patrice evra

Who wears Nike T90 shoot iv?

Both Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres wear the Nike T90 Laser IV.

Which Tottenham Hotspur player has recently started wearing Nike T90 Laser IVs?

Scott Parker and Moussa Dembele wear these boots.

Which West Ham star wears the Nike T90 Laser II footy boots?

Kieron dyer

What is the price of the t90 laser III?

It's about $200. Just recently on they changed the price to $180

What is the best soccer cleat for a defender?

Nike T90 Laser, Adidas Predator X, Nike Mercurial Vapor 5

What boots does Lionel messi wear?

Lionel Messi currently wears Adidas Messi F50.9.

Which is better mercurial or t90?

It depends what your main skill is in football. If you are a pacy player who likes to bust out tricks then Mercurials, but if you are good at shooting then the T90s are for you.

What is the strongest battle tank in Africa?


Is nike T90 better than Adidas F50?

I prefer that T90 is better because it has just designed as a cushion heel that can make you feel better and comfortable while F50 are only made for the speedSo for speed select F50 and for good skills select T90!!

What type of cleats does Fernando Torres have?

Nike t90