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Most Golf balls today are made of plastic inside and rubber outside.

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Q: What makes up today's golf balls?
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How do you stop crows from taking golf balls?

Crows can pick up golf balls

Why do golf balls have pockmarks in them?

You mean dimples? Golf balls have dimples because it maximizes the distance of travel. Dimpled balls travel up to four times farther than smooth-surfaced golf balls.

How can you get free golf balls or tennis balls?

Go to a Tennis/Golf club, and at the end of the week ask if they have any balls they are going to throw out, so you can keep them instead. That or go to a golf/tennis course and pick up any left over balls. I've left some tennis balls on the court for others.

What is the difference between wound golf balls and three piece golf balls?

Woung golf ball - rubber band type material is wrapped arount the ball. 3-piece ball - made up of solid pieces.

Where can golf nets be purchased?

Golf nets are for people who play golf to improve their swing. You set them up and putt your balls into the net. You can purchase these online at Amazon.

What equipment do you need to play golf?

Golf clubs, golf balls, and a tee. To Play A Round Of Golf, You Need Clubs (Up To 14), A Good Supply Of Balls Incase You Lose A Few, Tees, A Golf Club Bag, A Glove (Optional), A Green Tool And A Ball Marker, And A Pencil.

What is the center of a golf ball made up of?

the center of some golf balls are made up of little rubber bands like a rubber band ball

How many golf balls does an average pro carry in his bag in a tournament?

A tour pro would have around a dozen golf balls in there bag per round, just in case. But it is completely up to the player.

Why are golf tees used?

Golf tees are used to help hold the balls up so that the player does not wack up the grass. Please answer my questions my member name is,Hellokitty122332.

What type of metal makes up the shaft of a golf club?

Metal golf shafts are made of steel.

How many golf balls must pros hit daily?

It is probably up to him/her! If it is a pro then it can probably do what it wants.

What is the record for the most golf balls stacked up in a row?

I think it is like 6 or something like that.

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