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They tend to pay their players more money.

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Q: What makes the New York Yankees different than other MLB teams?
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How many uniforms do the New York Yankees have?

The Yankees generally have a home, away and alternate jersey that they wear to coordinate with the occasion. Some teams, including the Yankees, have throwback days, in where the teams wear jerseys that were worn by past teams in other decades.

What teams have won pennants and World Series other than the New York Yankees?

what teams between 1947 - 1966 have won the American league pennant other than the New York Yankees

How many teams played in the old Yankee Stadium?

There were a few different teams in different leagues and most were named the Yankees. The short answer is that there was the baseball team, 7 football teams in different leagues (one being the football Giants) and the Generals and Cosmos were soccer teams.

List all Major League Basketball teams?

Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees r tha best!!!

What is Justin Bieber favorite basball team?

He has many different teams, but his favorite is New York Yankees.

What is the number of teams in MLB?


What is the difference between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees?

The real difference, other than different players on each team, is they are two teams that are located in different cities and play in different home stadiums.

Why are the New York Yankees so popular in South Korea?

It because the New York Yankees havea large amount of money compared to other teams and thus is able to use that money to market itself more internationally than other teams.

How many matches have the Yankees won on the past ten years?

0. The Yankees, along wih all the other baseball teams, play in games, not matches.

The best teams for baseball?

The New York Yankees and only the New York Yankees.

What year did the New York Yankees play against the Cleveland Indians?

The Yankees and Indians are both American League teams and they play each other every year.

What two teams have met most often in the world series?

The Yankees and the Dodgers have met each other eleven times in the World Series.

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