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Q: What makes eating silly string so bad for the body?
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Is eating babies legal in China?

No that is silly. NO body would believe that.

What can anaerobic bacteria do to the body?

Makes your stomach crampy after eating.

What happens in your body after eating ice cream?

after eating ice-cream makes you thirsty and some people get headaches

Is it the string or the hole that makes a guitar sound?

The string makes the sound by transferring it's vibration to the top of the guitar. The top vibrates, and that is amplified by the body of the guitar. The round hole is to let that sound escape.

What makes a dead body to bleed from the mouth?

its from your stomach acids eating away from your stomach walls.

What are nutritive value of fruits and vegetables?

its because eating healthy food makes the body healthy

What is the food web for a sparrow?

why put it under tattoos and body art?silly silly!

Is vegetarianisim better than eating meat?

vegetarianism is better than eating meat. This is because eating any vegetable makes your body healthier and it has less calories than meat

Why does eating salty foods temporarily make you gain weight?

Salt makes the body retain water.

How do you get the energy your body needs?

You get the energy you need by eating food. Your body makes energy with the nutritions in the food. It can make kinetic energy or potential energy.

Does eating a healthy diet make you more aware?

Eating a healthy diet makes the whole body as well as the brain work better, so the answer would have to be Yes.

What role does copper play in the body?

it doesn't silly

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