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Q: What makes bullfighting so exciting?
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Is bullfighting popular in Cuba?

Bullfighting only occurred in colonial Cuba and in rare occasions after that. Bullfighting has been outlawed in Cuba.

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What sports are related to bullfighting?

None. Bullfighting is not considered a sport but an art form.

Why is Spain famous for bullfighting?

Bullfighting in its current form developed in Spain although many ancient cultures had some form of bull taunting or bullfighting.

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What is the duration of the bullfighting festival called?

Your question makes little sense unless you are referring to the name given to the bullfight season. It is called the temporada.

How do Christians feel about bullfighting?

In Nov. 1567, Pope Pius V banned bullfighting for 8-years. Two-hundred years later, Philip V threatened nobles with excommunication for bullfighting. In both cases the primary reason for the actions was that so many of the nobility were being killed in these spectacles. Suicide is also condemned by the Church and bullfighting was considered as little more than public celebration of suicide. During those times most bullfighting was done on horseback. Today most bullfights are done on foot and the spectacle has been dramatically revised in the last few hundred years so it is now rare that anyone is killed but injuries are common. In early years of bullfighting medical science was quite primitive so many of the deaths were cause by infections, blood loss and other conditions that are now treatable and curable. Today the Church has neither condemned nor encouraged bullfighting. It is neutral on the subject.