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Well my silly little children, Putt Putt boats work when water enters when tube and is heated into steam and pushes out the others. To produce enough energy to move the boat

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Q: What makes a putt putt boat go faster?
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What makes a boat go faster?

what makes a boat go faster is using type of material that is light and that can go fasta nd not sink. and you can use a straw.

What makes the bigger sail on the boat go faster?

The larger sail area causes a larger foil to pull the boat faster.

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Why does the bigger sail makes the boat go faster?

Because there is more surface area for the wind to push against, so therefore increasing the speed of the boat.

Why does your truck go putt putt?

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Why does the sail boat go faster in light air?

That is not true, they go faster in high winds if the sails are set correctly.

Explaine why the bigger sail makes the boat go faster?

More surface area foils more wind. Actually, the wind PULLS a boat after foiling around the curve of the sail. It is the same aerodynamic theory of "lift".

Does a sail boat go faster in deep or sallow water?


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The lift and thrust force makes an airplane go faster.

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an animal, car or boat are streamlined because most animals, cars or boats have round corners and they are low to the groung this means that they go faster because streamlining helps us go faster and the rounder a shape is the faster it will go

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No, drag actually slows the object down but thrust makes it go faster.

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