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A parachute has a large surface area so friction with the air is large. This friction, or air resistance, causes the parachute and person attached to it, to come down slowly.

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Q: What makes a parachute float down slowly?
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How can you make a parachute with a small area float down slowly?

You have a small person under the small parachute.

What does the vent on the top of the parachute do?

The vent on top of the parachute helps air go through. If you didn't have a vent at the top you would be floating in the same place. The vent makes the parachute go down slowly but not fast enough to where you would drop.

How does a parachute travel slowly through the air?

it traps air inside to slow it down

What can you do to make a toy parachute fall more slowly?

Make the parachute wider/bigger or make the parachute deeper. Make the thing pulling it down lighter. Hope this helps. =)

What makes a person slow down when their parachute opens?


What happens after you open a parachute?

well after opening the parachute it will be filled with air so technically the individual will go down slowly due to air resistance .

How does a parachute slow a person down through air?

Air particles go up and slow the parachute as it equals the weight with the person and they go slowly.

How does salt effect an object float in water?

It makes it float to the bottom, because of the pressure of the heavy pressure. it makes it float down

Name something that needs to travel slowly through air how does it manage this?

A skydiver - he uses a parachute that slows him down as a result of air resistance acting on the surface of the parachute

How does a parachute enable a person to jump without getting hurt?

Well, when the parachute is opened, and you jump, the air gets in and pushes the parachute, trying to make it go up, while gravity is working to push it down, which makes you slow down and land safely.

What force slows a parachute down?

A parachute is slowed down by air resistance.

What air slows down a parachute?

Air Resistance slows the parachute down.

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