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Q: What makes a meter run backwards?
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If you reverse the flow on a water meter will it turn the meter backwards?

Yes, a water meter will run backwards. Running your meter backwards is stealing and could result in your service being diconnected and or a fine. Modern meters that are read via radio signals are sofisticated electronic instruments and will report leaks and reverse flows when read. So if your meter is a radio read type you had better not mess with it.

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Can you run a marathon backwards?

You can't run a marathon backwards if you are running it for a reward. If you are just wanting to run it backwards so that you can, then that is fine, but you will not win.

How do you make a battery operated clock run backwards?

On some if you put the battery in backwards the clock will run backwards.

What happens when capacitor KVAr rating is much bigger than the required rating?

You end up with a leading power factor. The Kvar meter will run backwards.

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Why would you get a negative voltage reading?

Because the meter is connected backwards

Can hamsters run backwards?


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What happens to the meter reading when you invert the direction of the arrow on the current transformer of power meter?

The wattmeter will read downscale (backwards).

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