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1997 The Masters

1999 USPGA Championship

2000 US Open

2000 The Open

2000 USPGA Championship

2001 The Masters

2002 The Masters

2002 US Open

2005 The Masters

2005 The Open

2006 The Open

2006 USPGA Championship

2007 USPGA Championship

2008 US Open

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Q: What majors has tiger woods won and how many times each?
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What does Tiger Woods get from each sponsor?


Has Oprah interviewed Tiger Woods?

Oprah has interviewed tiger woods previous answer is incorrect;on the show he described his ethnicity's using letters of each ethnicity's

How much money does Tiger Woods earn each year?

In 2008 he earned $110 million.

How many players have won the golf open championship 5 times?

Jack Nicklaus has won 6 Masters Tournaments, Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer have each won 4, no one has won exactly 5.

How much has Tiger Woods donated to charity?

100,000.00 In keeping with tradition at events he hosts, Tiger Woods quickly donated his first-place, $1.2 million check to the Tiger Woods Foundation. Woods has donated his winnings from this event to the Foundation each year of its 13-year history. Woods' winnings along with event proceeds benefit TWF's college-access programs, which provide underserved youth with a shot at college. Designed to break through a culture of low expectations, TWF's college-access programs reach young people in all stages of academic life.

How much XP is needed to get drivers in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14?

Drivers in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 cost XP in order to unlock these clubs. With that in mind, each club comes with a set XP in order to unlock that particular one.

Who has the second most masters tournament victories?

Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer tied for second with four Masters victories each

How long has Tiger Wood be playing golf?

Tiger's father Earl Woods once said how Tiger imitated his father's golf swing from as early as 6 months old. He shot 48 for 9 holes at each 3 and broke par for 18 holes at 12.

How many players have won the same major championship at least two times?

A total of 57 golfers have won a professional major championship more than once. Here are the numbers for each major: 15 Masters 24 British 21 U.S. Open 18 PGA Championship Obviously, some have done it in more than one (think Tiger, Jack, Arnie, etc.) Jack Nicklaus wins the most majors - 18 wins during his carrier. Tiger Woods second on the list - 14 major wins up to date Walter Hagen with 11 major wins

What is Tiger Woods's favorite food?

Each year before the Masters, the previous years winner hosts the Champions' dinner, where they have their favourite food served to all the past Champions. There is a famous story in which in 1998 (as he won in 1997) Tiger Woods had Hamburgers and Milkshakes served to all the past Champions, such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player etc.

How much does Tiger Woods make each time he hits to golf ball?

$1644.46 based on $114,848,872 career earnings playing in 250 tournaments and making 235 cuts. This assumes that each course was a par 72. The number is the money made from each stroke.

Why did Kate DiCamillo write Tiger Rising?

Kate DiCamillo wrote "The Tiger Rising" to explore themes of friendship, grief, and healing through the story of a young boy named Rob who discovers a caged tiger in the woods. The novel delves into the emotions and experiences of its characters as they navigate loss and find solace in each other's company.