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Q: What major sports is played at pebble beach?
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Can anyone play in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am?

Usually only celebrities and major corporate sponsors get to play in it.

What major sports are played in Madagascar?

the major sport played in Madagascar is football

What is the major sports played in japan?


What are some major sports that are played in Germany?

football (soccer)

What are the major sports played in Angola?

football (soccer) or basketball

What are the major sports in played in France?

Football and rugby are popular in France

What are the major sports played in japan?

same sports in the usa

What Major League Baseball player played 2 sports in college?

Deion Sanders

What sports did things fall apart played?

Wrestling was the major sport in Things Fall Apart.

What are the major sports played in Asia?

· Badminton · Football · Table Tennis · Volleyball · Cricket - large areas

What types of Sports can be found in the Midwest States?

Sports found in the Midwest are similar to rest of the US. Major sports like baseball, football, and basketball are all commonly played by youth and adults.

What sports did women play in 1940s?

Womenhad a very little role in sports in this era of time but women did do cheerleading at this time(: