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The Patriots are not affiliated with Major League Baseball. They are a professional Baseball team based in New Jersey and a member of the Freedom Division of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.

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Q: What major league team is the Somerset Patriots the farm team for?
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New Jersey's Baseball Team Name?

New Jersey has several minor league level baseball teams but no major league team. The minor league teams are: New Jersey Jackals Trenton Thunder (a New York Yankees double A farm team) Newark Bears Somerset Patriots Lakewood Blue Claws Sussex Skyhawks Camden Riversharks Atlantic City Surf

What are farm teams in baseball?

Farm teams are minor league teams from where major league teams draft players as needed.

What is the name of the Seattle Seahawks farm team?

Football teams do not have farm teams. Minor League or farm teams are associated with Major League Baseball.

What are the odds of a minor league baseball player for a farm team coming into the major league pitcher?

Not high odds

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The Vancouver giants are the farm team for which NHL team?

The Vancouver Giants team is a member of the Western Hockey League (WHL) in the Canadian Hockey League (CHL). It is a major junior hockey team and is not a minor league team for any major league.

Was there a Major League or Farm Team in Jonesboro Arkansas in 1950?

No such team in organized baseball in 1950.

Minor league teams associated with major league teams?

the huntsville stars and the milwalke brewwers You can find all Major League team's minor league afficiations by going to and clicking on any team to find their "farm" clubs.

What major league baseball team is the Trenton thunder a farm team for?

It is the Double-A affiliate of the New York Yankees.

Do the Kansas City royals have a good record?

No the royals are not a good major league team, but they do have a great farm system

In Baseball what is a farming systems?

The "farm system" refers to the minor league teams that prepare young players for the Major Leagues.

Which Major League Baseball Team is the Tulsa Drillers a farm team for?

For the 2009 season, the Drillers are the AA affiliate of the Colorado Rockies.

Michigan's major farm product?

What is Michigan's major farm product?

Where can you find information or facts about a former minor league player named Phillip Wilson?

Do you know what team(s) he played for? What years? What major league team's farm system? That would be a start.

What are farms teams and how are they used?

Farm teams are Major Leage affiliates. They are used to take raw, young, players and improve their game in hopes that one day they can help the Major League club. Also, often times injured Major Leaguers will play on farm teams to get back into the swing of playing baseball.

Who was known as Major in the farm?

The pig was known as Old Major in animal farm

How did the term 'farm team' originate in baseball?

1921--An agreement was signed which allowed a Major League team to own Minor League teams. Branch Rickey of the St. Louis Cardinals used this to establish the farm system, controlling players at different classifications of Minor League Baseball and developing them for his team. More info at

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In animal farm the alliteration in old major's speech is....

Which major league team has the farm team in Rochester?

Minnesota Twins. The Twins have been affiliated with the Rochester Red Wings since 2003.

Can you go to Major League Baseball straight from high school?

Yes but rarely but if you do you to start of in one of the MLB teams farm teams first and then move up.

In baseball what is a farm team?

In baseball lingo, a farm team is a minor league team.

Teachings of Old Major in 'Animal Farm'?

The teachings of Old Major from the novel Animal Farm is called animalism

Major League Baseball when did Canada joined the?

Canada joined the major leagues in 1969 with the induction of the Montreal Expos to the National League. The first American League team arrived in 1977 with the Toronto Blue Jays. Here is a little bit of history. Montreal use to be the AAA farm club of the Brooklyn Dodgers. They were called the Montreal Royals. That is were Jackie Robinson started his professional career in 1946. By the way he was the league MVP.

What is the farm league in youth baseball?

the club.

How manny guy are on a baseball team?

40 total players. Only 25 players are on the active roster when spring training is finished. The remaining 15 are often reassigned to a the major league team's minor league team (the farm system).