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The Minnesota Twins won the 1987 American League Pennant.

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Q: What major league baseball team won the American League pennant in 1987?
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How do you win the pennant race in baseball?

You win the pennant by winning the league that you are in. Last year the Philadelphia Phillies won the National League pennant and the Tampa Bay Rays won the American League pennant.

What does it mean to win a pennant?

To win the National League or the American League Championship in major league baseball. The two pennant winners face off in the World Series

Who won the 1944 American league pennant?

The St. Louis Browns won the 1944 American League pennant.

1919 winner of the American league Pennant in baseball?

Chicago White Sox.

1915 winner of the American League pennant in Baseball?

Boston Red Sox

What are the baseball major league pennnant winners in 1901?

For the American League the pennant winners were the Chicago Whitesox. (This was the first year the AL was elevated to Major League level. For the National League the pennant winners were the Pittsburg Pirates. No World Series was held this year.

Which team was the American League pennant winner in 1947?

The New York Yankees won the 1947 American League pennant with a 97-57 record.

Who wins in the World Series baseball?

The American League pennant winner, plays the National League pennant winner, in a 7 game series. The team to win 4 games first wins the World Series.

Can Yankees play Red Sox in World Series?

No. The World Series is played between the American League pennant winner, and the National League pennant winner. The Red Sox and Yankees are in the same League (American)

Which team was the American League Champion in 1940?

The Detroit Tigers won the 1940 American League Pennant.

What was the last all-white baseball team to win the American League pennant?

New York Yankees

The 1919 winner of the american league pennant in baseball?

Chicago White Sox (Black Sox Scandal)

Which team was the American League Champion in 1977?

The New York Yankees won the 1977 American League Pennant.

What is the Pennant Race?

The pennant race is a baseball term used to describe the time period towards the end of the year, around mid-late august and on to the playoffs. The pennant is the name for the championship of the division, whether it be the national league or the American league, and the race is all the games leading up to the World Series that determine who will represent each league.

What years did the cubs win the American league Pennant?

they never did the cubs are a National League Team

What does the term pennant mean in baseball?

In baseball, to "win the pennant" is to finish the season in first place of a division or league.

Did the New York Yankees win the 2009 American league pennant?

Yes. The New York Yankees won the 2009 American League pennant, and went on to win the 2009 World Series.

What has the author Paul G Zinn written?

Paul G. Zinn has written: 'The major league pennant races of 1916' -- subject(s): Major League Baseball (Organization), Baseball, History 'The major league pennant races of 1916' -- subject(s): Baseball, History, Major League Baseball (Organization)

Will the World Series start in American or national league?

The 2008 World Series will begin in the ballpark of the American League pennant winner.

When did the White Sox get put on the American league?

The White Sox, then called the White Stockings, began play in the American League in 1900 when the American League was still a minor league and the National League was the only major league. When the American League became a major league the next season (1901) the White Stockings were a charter member and won the first pennant of the American League as a major league.

What are pennants?

A pennant, in sports, is a commemorative flag displayed or flown by a league winning team. A pennant race, is the race to clinch a league or division title in a regular baseball season.

How many flags giants had?

I don"t entirely get what you mean by Giants. The San Francisco Giants, originally the New York (baseball) Giants won a number of Pennants . League championships are often called Pennants, as I am writing this the Pennant races are going on between the Yankees and Tigers for the American League Flag. As a pennant is a type of flag, they are also called Flags. You would have to look it up. Pennant refers to the League championship- not the World Series. Look under Baseball. The term Flag in the sense you apply it to Baseball pennant winners, is not done in Football.

How many times have the Milwaukee Brewers won the National League Pennant?

The Brewers have never won the National League pennant. When the Brewers were playing in the American League they won the pennant once, that being in 1982. They lost the World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals, 4 games to 3.

Who won in 1903 baseball?

Boston won the American League pennant and Pittsburgh won the National League title. Boston defeated Pittsburgh five games to three to capture the World Series.

How many times have the New York Yankees won the American League pennant?

The Yankees have won 40 American League pennants.