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Q: What major league baseball team has fans dubbed cheese heads?
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What mlb team has fans dubbed cheese heads?

There are no MLB (Major League Baseball) fans who call themselves "cheese heads". The closest would be the Milwaukee Brewers since they play in Wisconsin, which happens to be the home state of the "cheese head" fans of the NFL (National Football League) Green Bay Packers.

What major league team baseball team is called the cheese heads?

The Milwaukee Brewers

What MLB team has fans called cheese heads?

None. The cheese heads are fans of NFL Green Bay Packers football

What are the nicknames for Wisconsin?

The cheese heads the cheese state and the Badger state.

Why are wisconsin's referred to as cheese heads?

The state is known for making cheese.

How Is curd better than cheese?

curd isn't better than cheese GO CHEESE HEADS

Who are the cheese heades?

The Green Bay Packer fans are known as cheese heads.

What state leads the US in milk and cheese production?

Wisconsin "Home of the Cheese Heads"

Where is the land of cheesE?

in America it is Wisconsin! (the cheese heads some people say lol)!

What are the new Blue Nose Bears?

you are cheese heads

Why do Green Bay packer fans wear cheese heads?

bc Green Bay is famous for their cheese. It's wierd but traditionally.

What happens on shrove Tuesday in France?

shrove Tuesday in France is a day where everyone parades the street with cheese on their heads, this is called a cheese parade.

What is headcheese made of?

Heads and cheese

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Why do Green Bay Packers fans wear cheese on their heads?

because cheese rocks and people in Wisconsin love to show how much cheese rocks. Californian cheese sucks though. but Wisconsin cheese rocks. so that is why. they want to show their love for cheese. and u gotta admit it looks pretty cool

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everyone other then America are towel heads

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What are the release dates for DC Nation's Farm League - 2012 Heads or Tails 1-5?

DC Nation's Farm League - 2012 Heads or Tails 1-5 was released on: USA: 1 June 2013

Why are Canadians called cheese heads?

Perhaps, thanks to the fine regional cheeses and great cheddars made by local diary cooperatives, cheese naturally became a welcome part of the Canadian diet. :)

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What do they call people who live in Wisconsin?

American people call them cheese headsPeople in Wisconsin call themselves cheddar heads.ORAwesome.If that doesn't suit you, try Wisconsinites.

How much are baseball bobble heads worth?

To find the value for a specific bobble head doll you need to identify the year or ear the bobble head was sold, and the company that sold them. Some wehe stadium give aways. Others sold at the souvenir stands at the stadium. From 1961- 1963 the White base, baseball series Bobbing Head doll was isssued. This was the first comprehensive series of major league baseball bobbing heads. They originally sold for $1.00 each! It included examples from 20 different franchises

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