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Ted Williams, with 145 RBIs in his rookie year, holds the record.

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Q: What major league baseball player has the most RBI in their rookie season?
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What award is given to an individual Baseball player from each profesional baseball league who has the best rookie season?

rookie of the year

What award is given to an individual baseball player from each professional baseball League who had the best rookie season?

The "rookie of the year" award.

What is the name of the award given to an individual player from each Baseball League who has the best rookie season?

the rookie of the year award

The award is giving to an individual baseball player from each professional baseball league who has the best rookie season pitchins hitting or fielding?

rookie of the year

What award is given to an individual baseball player from each professional baseball league who has the best rookie season pitching or hitting or fielding?

The "Rookie of the Year" award.

What is the minimum wage for a minor league baseball player?

As of the 2007 season, the minimum rookie pay is $1,100 a month.

What is the difference between most valuable player and rookie of the year in baseball?

I believe the MVP is the player who has done the most to help the team win. Rookie of the Year is the rookie (first season in the league) who was the best, compared to other rookies.

Minimun pay for a rookie baseball?

The minimum season salary for a player in MLB is $380,000.

When is a football player considered a rookie?

A rookie is a player that is in their first season of play.

What MLB player has won rookie of the year in one league and mvp in the other?

As of the 2008 season that has happened twice: Frank Robinson - 1956 National League Rookie of the Year and 1966 American League MVP Dick Allen - 1964 National League Rookie of the Year and 1972 American League MVP

Who was the 1st Rookie of the Year in baseball?

The Rookie of the Year award was started in 1947. For the 1947 and 1948 season, one player was named ROY for MLB as opposed to the way it is today where one player is named ROY for each league. The first MLB ROY was Jackie Robinson.

Is high class a baseball the same as double a?

No, it is not, in minor league baseball there are several levels. They are ranked as follows - Rookie League - Short Season A League -Low Class A -High Class A -AA -AAA in that order

What baseball player had a candy bar named after him after his rookie year?

Ken Griffey Jr. The Kid's big-league career was off to a fine start. He would hit 16 home runs during his rookie season and have a candy bar named after him before an injury virtually ruined his chances of becoming the American League's Rookie of the Year.

Is Tyson Ross rookie eligible in Major League Baseball?

A player can NOT be considered a rookie in any season AFTER a season during which he was on a MLB roster for 45 days (need not be consecutive). Ross was on the roster of the Oakland A's on 2010 April 7, and was not sent back to the minors until July 11th of that year. Thus, his only rookie year was 2010.

Has any NHL player won both Rookie of the Year and MVP in the same season?

No rookie since the NHL's inception has ever won the Hart Memorial Trophy (The league MVP trophy which was first presented in 1924) in his rookie year.

What is the record for most stolen bases by a rookie in a single major league baseball season?

That record is held by Vince Coleman of the St. Louis Cardinals who stole 110 bases in his rookie year of 1985.

What was the average salary of a Major League Baseball player in 1969?

According to numbers published by the Major League Baseball Players Association, the average player salary in 1969 was $24,909. The league minimum that season was $10,000.

Who holds the Major League Baseball single season rookie runs batted in record?

The MLB rookie record for RBIs is 145 set by Hall of Famer Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox in 1939.

Is this season Tim Tebow's rookie season?

No. His rookie season was 2010.

What player played the most positions in a single season in major league baseball?

joe morgan

Who was the first Major League Baseball player to hit 60 homeruns in a season?

Babe Ruth.

What nba player won mvp in rookie season?

magic Johnson

Lowest salary of a baseball player in the major leagues?

For the 2010 season, the minimum salary for a Major League player is $400,000.

How many rookie of the year awards did Johnny Bench win?

The 1968 National League rookie of the year winner was Johnny Bench. You can only win the rookie of the year one time. Your rookie season.

Was Dan Marino a rookie when he played in the Super Bowl?

No, he was a second year player. His rookie season was 1983 and he made the Super Bowl (XIX) for the 1984 season.