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Q: What major championships did Ernie els win?
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Did Ernie Els win a Masters golf tournament?

No, Ernie Els has not won the Masters.

How much did Ernie els win this weekend?

1.45 million dollars$

What did federations do?

Win 16 Major Championships.

Who was the first golfer since Jack Nicklaus to win eight PGA events his first six years on tour?

Ernie Els

What did Roger Federer do?

Win 16 Major Championships.

Many champ s did tiger wood win?

95 Professional wins including 14 major championships.

How many championships did the seventy sixers win?

4 championships

Who was the fist to win five championships?

mate it depends what championships you are talking about

How many did the championships did the broncos win?

2 championships 1997 & 1998

Has Utah Jazz win any championships?

No they have won 0 championships.

How many major tour win does jack nicklaus hold?

Jack Nicklaus won 18 major championships, and came second in a further 19, an incredible record.

Who did Graeme McDowell beat to win the US Golf Open Championship?

He beat Gregory Havret by one shot, Ernie Els by two shots and Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson by three shots. Or he beat the other 155 players in the field.