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Marathon was a plain, not a tiny seaport town.

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Q: What major Greek city fought off the Persians at the tiny seaport town of Marathon?
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Who were the Greek fighting at the battle of marathon?

In 490 BC Greeks victoriously fought Persians in the Battle of Marathon in an attempt from King Darius I to subjugate Greece.

Where was the first Marathon?

In 490BC when Pheidippedes, a Greek messenger, ran from the Battle of Marathon, to Athens to proclaim the Greek victory over the Persians

Did the greek want to be ruled by the Persians?

No, which is why they fought.

Why were the Marathon and the Thermopylae important to the Persian War?

They were rallying calls for the Greeks. The Athenian success at Marathon demonstrated to the other Greek cities that the Persians could be beaten. Thermopylae became another symbol for Greek steadfastness which was used by the Greeks for propaganda on the superiority of the Greek warrior.

What impact did the battle of marathon have?

The Battle of Marathon had shown to the Greek city-states that they could thwart Persian invasion forces and also proved that Greek armour and tactics were superior to those of the Persians .

What was the name of the Greek historian who wrote a history of the wars fought with the Persians?


What Greek historian wrote a history of the wars fought with the Persians?

Herodotus of Halicarnassus.

How many Persians fought in the Battle of Plataea?

About 90,000 with 40,000 Greek allies on their side.

What was Marathon the most important war?

Marathon was not a war, it was one battle in a 50-year war between Persia and the Greek city-states. The most important battles were Salamis, Plataea and Mycale. The significance of Marathon is that it was the first time that the Persians were defeated, and this Athenian victory showed to the other Greek city states, after nine years of Persian victories, that the Persians could be beaten.

What resulted from the victory of Athenians over the Persians at Marathon?

The Persians decided to bring all the Greek cities under control to enforce peace. They invaded in strength ten years later.

What did victory over the Persians cost the Greek?

The Greeks stood their ground and fought for their freedom against the Persians. Their victory caused the Greeks many lives.

Who is marathon in greek and roman mythology?

The battleground where the Athenians defeated the Persians. The messenger who was sent to deliver the message of victory, collapsed and died.