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Q: What lines from Service most clearly show the kind of character Alex is?
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What line or lines from Service most clearly shows the kind of character Alex is?

he paid in small change some of it caked with road dirt as if he had been collecting the coins throughout the course of the day.

What is alex nunez?

Alex Nunez is a character from the popular television show, Degrassi. The character is fictional and not based on a real person.

Who do Alex the hedgehog likes?

Alex the hedgehog is a fan character, therefore only the creator of Alex can answer this question.

Who plays Alex Rider?

In the Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker movie, the main character Alex Rider was played by Alex Pettyfer.

what is your favorite Alex Rider character?

Alex Rider of course! duh. lmao

What does Alex carry with him in the movie Speed 1?

There is no character named Alex in Speed.

Who is Alex Mason?

Answerer 1: Alex is the main character and mason is her werewolf boyfriend they are probably on about their relationship. Answerer 2 (mx439): Alex Mason is the main character of Black Ops.

Who is the character Chicken George?

Chicken George is a character from Alex Haley's Roots.

What is the main character in prototype?

Alex Mercer

Who is Alex in Minecraft?

Alex is the new default character for Minecraft, with the old one being Steve.

Where is Alex in webkinz world?

Alex is an imaginary character. He is a character that is often used on Webkinz Newz. His purpose is just to entertain and provide enjoyable short stories.

In prototype what is your character called?

He is called Alex Mercer.