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It depends wheather you are a rightie or a leftie.

If you throw with your right hand, you should have your left foot forward when you release the ball. So take either one step with your left foot, or two steps right, left. (that's what I do.)

If you throw with your left, do the opposite

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2011-05-13 21:25:50
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Q: What leg steps when you are pitching fastpitch softball?
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How do you know what size bat to buy for fastpitch softball?

some people say that it should be the size of your hip. if you put the top of the softball bat on the ground making it parallel with your leg, it should be the size of your leg up to your hip. only some say that. mine is 33 in and it still doesn't reach my hip, so there you go. hope that helps.

What style of pitching is used in softball?

Typically the style of pitching used is called 'Windmill.' This is when a pitcher brings her arm from the starting position of in the glove in front of her, above her head, and around to make a circle then releasing the ball around the waist/leg area. This can be used in fast or slow pitching softball.

How do you throw a softball pitch?

slowpitch: i don't know fastpitch: right handed: you drive off the mound with your right leg toward the target with the left leg out in front, you rotate your hip to the right side and move your arm in a windmill motion, and snap your wrist at your hip while turning back towards the target while staying tall. all of this should be in one motion and not choppy. fastpitch: left handed: leg and rotation of hip are opposite

Do women when playing softball have to hit their opposite hand on their leg when pitching?

No they don't have to it is used more as a timing mechanism for release as well as to distract the hitter.

What are some good strength training drills for a fastpitch softball player?

I play softball, and from personal experience, walk-offs, wrist snaps, and pitching with a weighted ball really helped me gain streangth and speed. Walk-offs is when you walk into ur pitching motion, thus helping you kick your leg out farther, and giving you more speed. For the wrist snaps, its basicly holding your arm and pushing the ball into a net with only your wrist, no arm motions or anything. You can buy a weighted ball at any sporting goods place, and you can also use it in any drill.

What muscels do softball work?

Softball skills will be needing the abductor and adductor muscles of the leg, The core muscles is important for rotational movement (batting, throwing). Lats and tricep musles for overhead throw, deltoids for pitching, and forearm for grips

What is the difference between baseball leg guards and softball leg guards?

Catchers leg guards are the same for both sports

How do muscles work in softball pitching?

There are several muscles working when pitching. Starts of with the abductor muscles when striding. leg muscles such as the calf, quads and hamstring work when push of happens. then shoulder girdle, lats and biceps work as arms rotate. Core muscles work for rotation

Why my leg's blood vessel easily break?

you can break a blood vessel in your leg just by hitting it a couple times or even when you are exercising and pull it and it pops... you cannot feel it at all for example earlier today when i was playing softball i was pitching and i had hit my leg 3 or 4 times and now i have red blotches all over my upper thigh

Which knee do you put a softball knee slider on?

the knee that you put under your other leg

Is softball safe at all?

No. Softball is not safe because if you slide you can sprang your ankle the ball is to hard and what if you have metal cleats and you slide into the catcher that could damage the catchers leg.

What leg moves backward when the pitcher throws the ball in girls softball?

It depends on if there right or left handed. if they are right handed than the right leg if they are left handed than the left leg

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