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Commonly held general causes for WWII are the rise of nationalism, the rise of militarism, and the presence of unresolved territorial issues. Specific causes include the following: In Asia, Japan's desire to become a world power and the rise of militarist leadership in the 1930s led to conflicts first with China and later the United States. Japan sought to secure additional Natural Resources, such as oil and iron ore, due to the lack of natural resources on Japan's own home islands. Furthermore, a tension had built up between the United States and Japan, as each felt that the other was opposed to its economic and political interests, that led Japan to finally resort to war. In Europe, the Treaty of Versailles was widely perceived in Germany to be unjust, and this resentment fueled the success of the militarist Nazi Party; meanwhile the treaty's provisions were laxly enforced, causing it to fail in its purpose of preventing the creation of a heavily-armed and aggressive Germany. The League of Nations also failed in its mission of preventing war, due to the refusal of its member nations to back the League with force. Closely related is the failure of the British and French policy of appeasement, which gave Hitler time to re-arm. Lastly, the Great Depression is blamed for the success of the Nazi Party in gaining power in Germany, and hence was a cause of the war, as Hitler was determined on war from the begining.
A variety of factors lead to World War Two but the main reason was WWI.

World War I left Europe in ruins and it made Germany pay for all of the costs of war. This made Germans bitter and made it possible for Hitler to gain power. As Germany gained power other nations refused to go against Hitler with a policy called "appeasement".

This meant that they allowed Hitler to gain power because they were in an economic depression and didn't have the means nor the will to oppose Germany. Only until Hitler actually invaded countries like France (and tried to invade Great Britain) were the countries forced to declare war.

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Q: What led to World War 2?
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