What league is Zenit?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: What league is Zenit?
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What league is Zenit St Petersburg in?

fa premier league

Who were the winners of the Soviet Supreme League in 1984?

The winners of the Soviet Supreme League in 1984 were Zenit Leningrad.

What does zenit mean?


What was score between Liverpool and Zenit football clubs?

The first match of the Europa league was at Zenit's home , which saw liverpool losing 2-0 . But in the second match , Liverpool won 3-1 , though it was not enough as Zenit went through on terms of away goals

Where is shakhtar donetsk in fifa 9?

in russian league with zenit club

What team took the third position in the Soviet Supreme League of 1980?

The team that finished third in the Soviet Supreme League of 1980 was Zenit Leningrad.

Who was the opponenet of zenit Saint Petersburg champions league appearance in the 2008-2009y?

Juventus, BATE Borisov and Real Madrid.

When was FC Smena-Zenit created?

FC Smena-Zenit was created in 2008.

When did FC Smena-Zenit end?

FC Smena-Zenit ended in 2009.

When was FC Zenit Penza created?

FC Zenit Penza was created in 1918.

What does Zenit Lushshie mean in English?

It means "Zenit (it's a football club) are the best!"

When was FC Zenit-Izhevsk Izhevsk created?

FC Zenit-Izhevsk Izhevsk was created in 2011.