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Barcelona play in the la liga.

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Q: What league does Barcelona play?
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Does Barcelona play in the Italian league?

Barcelona play in the spanish league.

Is Barcelona in the Barclays Premier League?

No. Barcelona is in Spain and they play in La Liga. The Premier League is in England and Wales.

When does Barcelona play in the champions league quarterfinals?

Barcelona will play Arsenal in the quarter finals to be held on 31st of march.

Who is the next team to play Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League now.?

Barcelona play arsenal on 16/2/2011.

What year did Barcelona won the UEFA champion league?

Barcelona have won the champion league in 1994, 2006 and 2009. Barcelona is the only club to play each year in the champions league from 1950 , when it started.

What league is barcolona in?

Barcelona** They currently play in the LIGA BBVA

Have Barcelona played in the champions league every year?

Yes Barcelona is the only club to play each year in the champion league since 1950.

What international league does FC Barcelona play in?

It plays in Spains La Liga.

Who as theYoungest player to play in the champions league?

Most likely the youngest player to play in the champion league is Lionel Messi of Argentina, and Barcelona.

What league is Barcelona in FIFA?

Barcelona are in the spanish league La Liga

How many times has Barcelona won the league?

BARCELONA HAVE WON 3 CHAMPION LEAGUE CUPS, even though they have been the only club to play each year from 1950.

Why does Messi play in Barcelona?

Lionel Messi has often said that the Spanish Football League interests him more than the English Premier League and he wouldn't want to be playing in the League for any other team, but Barcelona.

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