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The name of the Major League Baseball team that plays in Miami, Florida is the Miami Marlins.

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The Florida Marlins play in the National League

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Q: What league do the Florida Marlins play in?
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What is the name of the stadium that the Florida Marlins play at?

The Florida Marlins play at Marlin Park. Marlin Park is located in Miami, Florida. It is the home of Miami's only Major League Baseball team. It can hold over 36,000 people.

Did mike Lowell ever play in the national league?

Yes ... with the Florida Marlins from 1999-2005.

How many baseball teams do Florida have?

Marlins - RaysThere are two Major League Teams in Florida. The Florida Marlins of the National Lague East division, and the Tampa Bay Rays of the American League East Division.

Where do the Florida Marlins play?

The Florida Marlins play their home games at Sun Life Stadium. It is located in Miami Gardens, Florida.

The Florida Marlins take part in what sport?

The Florida Marlins take place in baseball. They are a major league baseball team. The Florida Marlins are based in Miami, Florida, but represent the whole state of Florida.

Is Dan Uggla staying on the Florida Marlins?

Dan Uggla will play for the Florida Marlins in 2010.

What league do the Mets play in?

The New York Mets play in the National League. To be more specific, the National League East Division with the Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals, & Florida Marlins.

How many MLB teams are there in Florida?

There are two MLB teams located in the state of Florida ... the Florida Marlins and the Tampa Bay Rays.AnswerTampa bay devil rays al Florida marlins nl

Will the Florida Marlins play the New York Yankees in 2011?

No. In 2011, the Florida Marlins and New York Yankees are not scheduled to meet during interleague play.

Why doesn't Miami have a baseball team?

Miami didn't have a baseball team before the 2012 Major League Baseball season however the Florida Marlins had moved to Miami as a result of the city of Miami building them a new stadium to play in which resulted in the Florida Marlins being renamed the Miami Marlins.

What sports teams start with F?

The Florida Marlins are a Major League Baseball team. The Florida Panthers are a team in the National Hockey League.

Which team has the most amount of rainouts in major league baseball?

Florida marlins