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Olympikos is a Greek club it plays in the Greek league.

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Q: What league are olympiakos in?
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What was the Attendances of all regular home league matches over the 2012-13 season for Olympiakos FC?

The Attendances of all regular home league matches over the 2012-13 season for Olympiakos FC was 10,436.

Which team broke Manchester united's record in the champions league?


Smallest player in champions league?

The shortest person to play in the champions league is Jernade Meade of Arsenal at 5'3" against Olympiakos

Will olympiakos win champions league?

I very much doubt it, they did not make it through to the knock out stages.

When was Olympiakos Nicosia created?

Olympiakos Nicosia was created in 1931.

When was Olympiakos Neon Liosion created?

Olympiakos Neon Liosion was created in 1952.

When was Olympiakos Patras F.C. created?

Olympiakos Patras F.C. was created in 1926.

When was Olympiakos Chersonissos F.C. created?

Olympiakos Chersonissos F.C. was created in 1979.

What is olympiakos?

its a greek soccer team

How many times has olympiakos lyon won champions league?

There is no team called Olimpiakos Lyon. There is a team called Olimpique Lyon and they haven't won a single trophy till now.

Is olympiakos the best team in greece?


Which team was the first Cypriot team that played in the Champions League Group Stages?

Anorthosis Famagusta (2008). They defeated Greek side Olympiakos in the third qualifying round to enter the group stages.

What sport teams have greek names?

Olympiakos and Panthiakos

Which greek football team is the greatest?

olympiakos fc

When was the Olympiakos Neon Liosion football club founded?

The Greek football team Olympiakos Neon Liosion football club was founded in the year 1952. The club got its name when the city of Ilion was still called Nea Liosia.

Has vasilis spanoulis left from panathinaikos?

yes, spanoulis is now at olympiakos basketball club.

The biggest champions league win?

1. Liverpool 8-0 Besiktas 2. Arsenal 7-0 Slavia Prague 3. Juventus 7-0 Olympiakos 4. Bayern Munich 7-1 Sporting Lisbon

Who is Takis Tsoukalas?

He is from Greece.AN Olympiakos F.C. hooligan,host of a tv show where he insults and swears to anyone who do not support his team

Which football soccer team has been awarded the most penalties in Europe?

Olympiakos Greece the last 13 years has been awarded the most penalties than any other team

What is the sport in geece?

Although soccer is popular in greece the number 1 sport is basketball with club sides like panathanaikos and olympiakos being very successful in european club champions league and in 2004 (dont quote me on the year) the Greek national team won the European champioships,in fact in the same year Greec also won the European football championship and just for good measure Greece won the European sng contest

What are the top 5 soccer teams in Greece?

5.Aris 4.paok 3.aek 2.panathinaikos 1.olympiakos peraeus

What teams have never been relegated in there history in world football?

There are only two teams in football , Inter Milan in Italy and arsenal in England. Panathinaikos,Olympiakos and PAOK in Greece Have never been relegated too

Did milos teodosic and maja ognjenovic break up?

No, they didn't break up. Maja is now a member of Olympiakos Volleyball Team and she did that because she wanted to be with Milos and stay together at Athens. She said that she and Teodosic are going to merry in the winter or next year.

Is league a collective noun?

Yes it is, the noun 'league' is used as a collective noun for:a league of nationsa league of long distance swimmers

After Pokemon league which league comes orange league or Jhoto league in leaf green?

Neither league exist in LeafGreen. Only the Indigo League is programmed into the game. In chronological terms the Orange League comes after the Indigo League and then the Johto League.