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krypto pro but not by far swizzle is a good lax stick too

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Q: What lax stick is better the swizzle or the krypto pro?
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Where should you get your lax goalie stick strung?

stick stop or stickhead

Can you put a plastic butt on a lax stick?


Owner of the lacrosse stick?

well i own several lax stick wats your question

Which is better lax or baseball?

baseball. In lax, it is hard and a women sport. in baseball, it is more hand -eye coordination. It depends what you like better. but in my opinion, lax is horrible

Can you use boys lax string for a girl stick?

no u cant

How many positions were there when lax started?

3: 1. Offence, short stick. 2. Defence, long stick. 3. Goalie This is when lax first started. now theres attack, mid, D, and goal

How do you string your lax stick?

you look for a website that ells you how to do it or buy a stringing kit

How do you make a lacrosse stick out of symbols?

============/----------)---)-}} ===========|------------)---)--)) ============\----------)---)-}} It takes practice and a real lax bro;-)

What is a box stick in lacrosse?

Its more re enforced then a normal lax stick i think im getting a rbk 7k 32" box lacrosse stick

What is a definition of Lax Brah?

flat hat, lax penny, mid calf socks, basketball shorts, and jordans. and take ur stick everywhere u go

How do you get a better grip on a lax stick?

you tape it. There are many different styles of taping, find one that works for you can tape where you need grip the most. you can go on youtube and look at what some pros do to tape their sticks.

What do you need to get into LAX?

Helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pads, arm guards, gloves, stick, cup