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Any laser that fits its 7/8 inch rails. However, with the makers poor accuracy (reall all paintball guns), a laser is unnecessary.

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Q: What laser sight fits the brass eagle t-storm?
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Where is green laser sight used?

Green laser sight is used for accuracy in hand guns and rifles. The usefulness of green laser sight is reported to be fifty times brighter than the human eye and more accurate than red laser.

How do you turn a brass eagle into a sniper?

While the brass eagle line are terrible sniper platforms due to their inconsistency and generally low quality building. To turn make it at least look like a "sniper" would require a quality barrel 14-16 inches of length, a butt stock and remote coil, and a red dot sight of some sort.

What exactly is laser sight for weapons?

Laser sight is a small visible-light or infra-red laser used to enhance the targeting of weapon systems. It can for example be mounted parallel to the barrel of a handgun or rifle.

How do you use laser sights on a gun?

Once you activate the laser sight, basically where the laser is pointed is where the bullet is going to go.

Is a laser sight available for a Colt Python?

I believe it is...................

What exactly is Ultralase used for?

Ultralase is an opticians company which provides laser operations which can improve your eye sight. These laser operations heal people from bad eye sight.

I have an AR that i am looking to put a laser sight on. i don't any good laser sight brands other than crimson trace. what are some good to high quality brands besides crimson?

Check out Eotech. The military uses them. They are a halo sight but you don't need a laser on a AR anyway.

What is an electric sight on an airsoft gun?

an electric sight is a "red dot" sight that uses a laser to project a red dot where the airsoft bbs will go when you sight it it.

Do they make a semiautomatic pistol with a laser sight?

Probably not. However some pistols can be fitted with an aftermarketlaser sight.

Is this Gamo Red Laser Sight 650nm with Weaver Rail Mount a high quality laser sight?

You would have to define "High quality". Gamo is a reputable maker of air guns. The laser sight sold under their name is suitable for air guns, and retails for about $39. Laser sights made for high powered handguns, such as the Crimson Trace laser grips for a .45 caliber pistol retail for about $390.

Where can get a factory laser sight for a cz100 handgun?

Try the factory

When to get Laser Surgery?

To have a laser eye sight surgery performed it is required that you have very bad eye sight. In fact without being almost blind it is very hard to be qualified for this procedure.