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You will need to maintain a pace of 1:26.1 per lap to achieve a time of 10:42 for a distance of 3000m.

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Q: What lap pace to run a 3000 meter in a time of 1042?
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How long does it take to drive 1042 miles?

There is no answer to this question because the time will depend on velocity of the object.

How do you determine Half marathon pace?

For pace in minutes per mile, divide your finishing time by 13.11. For pace in minutes per kilometer, divide your finishing time by 21.1. If you're a runner and you are attempting to determine an appropriate pace or time goal, search for "McMillan's Running Calculator" which does a reasonable job of estimating your pace based on finishing time of other races.

What are the units of a capillary number?

capillary number(Ca)=(viscosity*velocity)/surface tension viscosity have the unit (kg/(meter*time)) same for velocity(meter/time) and surface tension ((kg*meter)/(time2*meter)) so= (kg *meter*time*time*meter)/(meter*time*time*kg*meter) = unitless dimension={M0 L0 T0}

How many paces for a thousand meter?

find your pace distance... the distance you walk in one pace. in the military you count one pace for every time you left foot hits the ground. so step off with you left foot, right, left, and stop where your left foot is. find out how long between where you started and where you stopped and that's one pace.... then devide 1000 by that number and boom there is your pace count for a thousand meters.. give or take of course because every step isn't exactly the same.

3000 meters equal how many miles?

Math time! A meter is equal to 3.2808 feet and there are 5280 feet in a mile. This is all we need to know to figure it out. Multiply 3,000 times 3.2808 and you get 9,842.4. This is how many feet 3000 meters equals. Since there are 5,280 feet in a mile, divide 9,842.4 by 5280 and you get 1.86. This is what 3000 meters is equal to in miles. 1.86 miles

What is a snail's pace?

A snails pace is an idiom, a snail moves very slowly, so a snails pace means to move very slowly, e.g. The work is progressing at a snails pace, we may not finish on time.

What do race pace calculators measure?

They calcute your pace per mile or per kilometer. You have to enter your reace time and distance, and the calculator will calculate your pace. It is pretty acurate.

What does to sustain pace means?

To sustain pace means to continue moving at the same speed for an extended period of time.

Who won the Mens 4 mile world record?

According to Gerry Lindgren, the men's 4 mile world record is 16:08, set by Gerry Lindgren in 1968 just prior to the Olympics. He apparently ran the time at Mt. Sac, claiming that he averaged 4:02 per mile over the hilly course. An unbelievable time, literally, considering he would have set the 3000 meter, 2 mile, 3 mile, and 5000 meter world records (set on a track, mind you) along the way. The real answer to the question is presumably the time Bekele recorded while en route to his 10000 meter world record of 26:17. According to a pace calculator, his time at 4 miles was roughly 16:55.

How do you convert a 5000 meter race time into the equivalent 3 mile race time?

2 miles is 3200 meters. So, you need to deduct from your two mile time your average 200 meter time when you run two miles. For example, your 2 mile time is 12 minutes. When you run 2 miles on a track, you're running 16 X 200 meters. So, divide 12 (your 2 mile time) by 16 (the number of 200 meters you run). You get .75, or 3/4s of 60 seconds, which is 45 seconds. Now, deduct 45 seconds from 12 minutes, and you get 11:15 for 3000 meters.

What is the best definition of Takt time?

Takt Time is the pace at which your customers demand what you provide them

How do you convert your run time and mileage to a time pace?

You first multiply your run pace by mileage then divide it by 3. or you could some crazy form of calculusI'm not going to tell you hoe to do that