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Q: What languages are spoken by patrice evra man united?
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What is the Nationality of Man United Patrice Evra?

The Nationality of Man United's Patrice Evra is France.

Who is p Evra from Manchester united?

That is Patrice Evra.

Where did Manchester United sign Patrice Evra from?

Immediately prior to playing for Manchester United, Patrice Evra played for AS Monaco.

How many languages patrice evra speak?


What languages does Patrice evra speak?

French and English

Who is french in Manchester united?

Patrice Evra

How many goals has patrice evra scored for Manchester United?

Patrice Evra has has scored three goals for man utd

What Manchester United player is french?

patrice evra

How long has Patrice Evra been playing for Manchester United?

Patrice Evra signed for Manchester United on January 6, 2006, and still plays for the club as of January 2014.

Who wears shirt No 3 in Manchester United?

Patrice Evra

Which Manchester United FC player is French?

Patrice Evra

Who plays left back for Manchester united?

Usually Patrice Evra.