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Q: What language does ballet originate from?
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What language does ballet originate?

French. That is why derriere is putting your foot behind because in French it means behind...!!

Did ballet originate in italy?


Where did ballet mainly originate?


Where did the nutcracker ballet originate?


In which country did the Nutcracker Ballet originate?


Where did the word ballet originate and where?

I am guessing France since all the ballet terms are french.

What year did ballet originate?

Ballet originated in sixteenth and seventeenth century French courts.

What time did ballet originate?

Sometime in the 18th Century

Where did ballet originate from?

Ballet originated in the 15th century in the Italian renaissance, then developed into France and Russia.

What country does the word ballet originate?

Ballet originates from France. I think this is why is has a silent 't' at the end.

Where does the word ballet originate?

Ballet was originated many years ago. Most of the steps in ballet today are said in french, so I would say that ballet is french.

What language does the word 'cotton' originate from?

What language does the word 'cotton' originate from?

What language does ballet terminology use?

Most of the words in ballet are French.

Where does Ballet originate from?

renaissance Italy in the courts of Louis VII

What person started ballet?

not one person really started ballet. But, i would have that king Louis the 14 of France helped originate it. okay what is ballet

What is the origin language of ballet?


What language is ballet written in?


What language is Ballet terminology?

The brunt of ballet terminology is French. When using Russian technique there are also additional terms in that language.

Did ballet originate from men?

Yes. Women were not "allowed" to perform on stage

Where did words and moves associated with ballet originate from?

France---they are French words.

What country does the word ballet originate from?

ballet originated in italy, but the french noticed it and used it for themselves. the word ballet originated from the word ballare, meaning 'dance' in latin.

What country is the nutcracker orinagted from?

The Nutcracker ballet originates from Russia. Nutcrackers originate from England. Nutcrackers, the decoration, originate from Germany.

What language does the word buffet originate from?

French language.

Which language does the word ebony originate?

Egypt language

What part of Italy did ballet originate in?

Ballet emerged from Italy's Renaissance period in the late 1400s, when ballet emerged from the courts it was in Milan at La Scala. Ballet actually really blossomed in France rather than in Italy.