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Kings James II of Scottland

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Q: What king banned golf in his country?
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Why did King James ban golf in 1947?

The game of golf was banned by King James II in 1457 not 1947. The game was banned because it was becoming more popular than the national sport of archery.

What sport was banned in Scotland in 1467?

Golf was banned in Scotland in 1457 through an Act of Parliament. King Jams II is said that his soldiers were being distracted from enhancing their archery skills by playing golf and football.

King James II tried to ban this sport in 1457?

He banned golf as he feared it was distracting his men from archery.

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In 1457 did King James 2nd ban golf in the country because he claimed it distracted people from the archery practice needed for national defense?


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Why was golf banned in Scotland between 1457 and 1502?

I believe it was because King James II wanted his archers wanted to focus less on golf and more on archery practice. Also, I also have heard he banned it because "it looketh like a silly game."

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What sport was banned in 1467 in Scotland?

golf and soccer were because the men were playing golf instead of practicing archery

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