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There are many foot races for men and women in the Olympics. Some of these include the 100 meter race, the 200 meter, the 400 meter, the 1 mile race, and the 5,000 kilometer race.

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Q: What kinds of foot races in Olympics?
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There were foot races in every Olympics. Did some Olympics feature other kinds of races Name them.?

chariot racing

There were footraces in every Olympics did some Olympics feature other kinds of races?

chariot races

What the oldest running event in the Olympics?

Foot races

What races besides foot races were held at the Olympics?

There are relay races in swimming, so those are other races.

Footraces in every Olympics did some Olympics feature other kinds of races name theme?

Chariot Racing

How many races are there in the Olympics?

There are 35 races in the olympics

What are three events that athletes took part in when the first Olympics first took place?

Chariot races, Foot races, Javelin/Discus.

What kinds of races were featured in the Olympics?

the stade was the first ever olympic race witch was a race of 180 meters.

What were some of the sports held in ancient Olympics?

Foot races, javelin, discus, all-in wrestling, chariot racing.

What races besides the foot races were held?

There are many different races that are held besides foot races. These races include bike races, swimming races, and competence races.

How many races is in the Olympics?

there are 35 races in the olimpacs

What do the Greece people play in the Olympics?

The people in greece in the olympics play foot races, throwing, javelin throwing, long jump,combat sports, wrestling, and pankration.

What races do they do in the Olympics?

It depends upon the particular Olympics. There are summer and winter Olympics. Examples of races in the summer Olympics include competitions among the world's fastest runners and swimmers. Examples of races in the winter Olympics include competitions among the world's fastest skiers.

Do they do running races in the Olympics?


Was there races in the ancient Olympics?


What are 5 sports found in the Ancient Greece Olympics?

Five sports found in the Ancient Greece Olympics include foot races, boxing, wrestling, horse racing, and discus throwing.

What were all the events in the ancient Olympics?

boxing, running long jump, foot races, javeline,discus, wrwestling,and a race called the stade

What kind of races were in the ancient Olympics?

there were running races and boxing and many more .

Originally what races becides foot races were held?

the most common races were the three legged races and the wheel races

What games were held in the Ancient Olympics?

running races, jumping, discus, javelin, long jump, wrestling, boxing and two kinds of horse events.

Are chariot races in the ancient Olympics?


When was running introduced in the Olympics?

Running was a part of the first ancient Olympics in Olympia, Greece, in 776 BC. They had several different foot races in those first Olympic Games. See the Related Link.

Someone who races?

On foot - an athlete.

What kinds of races does Rhode Island have?

rhode island had a lot of differeat races

Did some ancient Olympics feature different races?

when was the last ancient olympics held