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Sport medicine doctors work in standard offices. However, they are trained to deal with injuries that athletes receive such as sprains..

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Q: What kind of working environment does a sports medicine doctor have?
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How much does physical therapy sports medicine doctors make?

Their is no such thing as a "physical therapy sports medicine doctor". One or the other. Physical therapist or sports medicine doctor.

How much do sports medicine doctor make a year?


How much money does a sports medicine doctor makes?


What doctor works on athletes?

A doctor that specializes in sports medicine and may be an orthopedic doctor or even surgeon.

Which profession in sports medicine takes the highest amount of education to practice?

A sports medicine doctor's education is basically the same in every sport.

How much money do sports medicine doctor make a year?


What does a sport doctor do?

A primary care sports medicine doctor is a leader in the field of sports medicine. Either through advanced fellowship training or through years of clinical experience, a primary care sports medicine doctor has learned the skills to take care of athletes of all ages, sports, and levels of competition. Primary care sports medicine doctors often serve as team doctors to professional sports teams or are personal doctors to elite-level athletes.

What are sports medicine doctors working conditions?

Sports medicine doctors work in clinical conditions. The conditions are often clean and friendly. They can also work in sports stadiums and other areas.

What is the difference between athletic training and Sports Medicine?

Sports Medicine is a broader field that includes athletic trainers as well as sports medicine doctors and specialists. An athletic trainer works with the athlete as to prevent, manage and treat athletic injuries under the supervision of a sports medicine doctor or specialist.

What are some proper titles of sports trainers?

TherapistHealth/ NutritionistSports Medicine ( team doctor)

What PhD will you need to be a sport's doctor?

Study 'Sports Medicine' at a Four Year college.

What does a sports medicine doctor do on a daily basis?

Makes men bend over and cough

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