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A racquet for an advanced player should have about a 95sq. in. head size, 27 inches long, and about 11-12 OZ heavy. Check out tennis warehouse's selection for good racquets.

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Q: What kind of tennis racquet should a 4.0 club player buy?
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Which babolat tennis bag holds the most racquets?

One Babolat tennis bag that holds 12 racquets is the Aero Racquet Holder; another is the Team Racquet Holder; and finally the Club Line Racquet Holder. These are the largest bags Babolat makes.

Where can you get a tennis racket?

You can buy a tennis racquet at your local sporting goods store. Or if you want a professional opinion a trip to a tennis club would be advised. Or online at

What size tennis racquet works best?

The size of tennis racquet you choose is really a personal preference. Basically, tennis racquets come in a mid-size and oversize. The mid-size racquet has a smaller tennis face and less surface area of tennis strings. Mid-size racquets are more compact and usually lighter. They are easier to swing and move around quickly. Serve and volley type players often prefer the smaller mid-size racquet. An oversize racquet has a large surface area of tennis strings. This can make the racquet feel heavier and it is more difficult to swing the racquet around quickly. However, the "sweet" spot on the racquet is larger. The sweet spot is where you want the ball to hit your strings more maximum effectiveness. Players that hug the baseline tend to enjoy using an oversize racquet. You can always "demo" different racquets at your tennis club to see which size is best for you. Your tennis pro can also give you great reccomendations.

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A local racquet club is a great place for tennis lessons. You can learn all the rules of the game and the scoring system. Also, you will learn the proper stances for hitting the ball.

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