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hard surface

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Q: What kind of surface is the U.S. Open played on?
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What kind of surface is used at the US Open?

Hard surface

What surface is the Australian Open played on?

Hard Court, like the US open

US Open tennis tournament is played on which surface?

Is it played on grass or clay?

US tennis open is played on which court surface?

hard court

What are the 4 major tournaments and what type of surface were they played on?

The four major tennis tournaments are the Australian Open (January), French Open (May/June), Wimbledon (June/July), and US Open (Aug./Sept.) Both Australian Open and US Open are played on hard court surfaces. The Australian Open currently uses Plexicushion and the US Open uses hard court DecoTurf surface. The French Open is played on clay courts and Wimbledon is played on grass courts.

Where is the US Tennnis Open played?

At US Tennis Open places.

What dates are the US Open played?

The 2008 US Open will be played between August 25 and September 7.

Is the us open played at night?

The US Open has both Day and Night games.

The most successful woman in the US Open tennis singles in the open era played her first US Open at what age?

19 : )

What movie and television projects has Elena Dementieva been in?

Elena Dementieva has: Played Herself (2008) in "US Open 2008" in 2008. Played herself in "Wimbledon Championships 2009" in 2009. Played herself in "US Open 2009" in 2009. Played herself in "French Open 2010" in 2010. Played herself in "US Open 2010" in 2010.

What kind of tennis balls do they use in the US Open?


Where are the grand slams of tennis played?

There are four Grand Slams:The Australian Open, played in SydneyThe French Open, played in ParisWimbledon, held in LondonThe US Open is played in New York

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