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Some of their most popular sports are Baseball and soccer but they pretty much the same sports as us.

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Q: What kind of sports do they play in the dominican Republic?
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What sports do they play in Dominican Republic?


What kind of sports do Czech Republic play?

Ice hockey and football (soccer).

Will A-Rod really play for the Dominican Republic in 2009?


What boardgames fo they play in dominican republic?

palche is one of them

What is the popular culture for dominican republic?

Basball. they play it alot their

Do the dominican repbulic play sports different from the US?

baseball and soccer are their two main sports that they play

What kind of songs do thay play in dominican republic?

Merengue, bachata, balada, rap, hip hop and United States rithm.

What is the most popular game they play in Dominican Republic?

the most popular game played in dominican republic is baseball, it is not quite sure if baseball is the right answer but most info show that baseball is played the most in the dominican republic.

What do kids do for fun at Dominican Republic?

they do what any kid doesthey play games

What instruments does Dominican Republic use to play there music?

Drums, guitar, accordion, and guira.

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guinnie pigs not play sports

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"what kind of sports do they play in china?table tennis, badminton

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Wii Sports.

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no although he wants or wanted to back in 04

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they play hockey

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Two of the sports that they play are soccer and beach volleyball.

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Almost all kind of sports. (On the Earth)...... In space, there is no time and/or environment for sports.

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they dont like to play sports by:onyae symone rush

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They play soccer in Italy.

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The Greeks play soccer.

Miami Indians sports?

what kind of sports do Miami idains play

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What kind of sports do the people in Switzerland play?

) ==

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