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Any sport in which your breathing rate increases and you may feel the palpitation. That may be for very short time. In sports, you enjoy the physical activity. That is the beauty of sports.

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Q: What kind of sport or activities?
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What are some fun and productive activities for a staff retreat?

Fun activities can involve a sport, or just some kind of game, such as monopoly which might be very useful in getting the employees together and forming a bond. Other activities can be camping, or picnic.

Brazil recreation sport activities?

The Brazilian recreation sport is football, soccer.

Is Alpine a sport?

No. But many sporting activities take place on the Alpines. So it is a location for sport.

What kind of sport did the Ancient Romans play?

A sport.

What is the sport xare?

Xare is a kind of racquet sport.

What Olympic activities begin with the letter L?

Luge is an Olympic sport. The long jump is an Olympic sport.

Activities that start with n?

Nail, narrate, navigate, negotiate, notify and nurse are activities. Netball is a sport.