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Harp competition.

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Q: What kind of sport is on harmony day?
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A speech on 'Every Day Should Be Harmony Day'?

it should be about harmony and harmony things that happen on harmony days

What kind of sentence can you put for the word harmony?

everyone is in harmony

What are the main objectives of Harmony Day?

Harmony Day is a day of cultural respect in Australia. The main objectives are inclusiveness, productivity diversity, and community harmony.

When was Harmony Day introduced to Australia?

I think Harmony Day was introduced to Australia in 1998

When is harmony celebrated?

harmony is not celebrated there is only a thing called harmony day! hunny!

How do you write harmony day in Chinese?

Harmony day in China is called "操你妈"

Why do you wear orange on Harmony Day?

orange symbolizes harmony/multiculturalism

What to say about racial harmony day?

Racial harmony is a day that people from many countries come together

What does the colour orange stand for on harmony day?

The orange ribbon is worn as a symbol representing Harmony Day

Why is there racial harmony day?

Singapore is a multi racial country. we have many different religions. to mantain peace and harmony in Singapore,we must have racial harmony day. we should respect other religions beliefs and not laugh at them.If people laugh at your religion belief , you could also laugh at his as they are not scientific . when we have racial harmony day , we are actually mantaining peace and harmony between the different religions. without racial harmony day, we might have war every single day. So RACIAL HARMONY DAY IS IMPORTANT.

Is harmony day celebrated all around the world?

Yes harmony day is celebrated all around the world

What do you think of Harmony Day?

I in my opinion think Harmony Day is a great day even though many people think there is nothing to do.:-) From Jailene!!

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