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For muscle size: high weight, low reps, rest low reps, rest... Use as much weight as possible, so much that you can only lift it a couple times. For muscle toning, endurance and general health, high reps, shoot for 20 or more before the muscle is fatigued.

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Q: What kind of sets on the bench press are most effective for your max?
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What is the most effective workout?

Bench Press, Squats, Dead lifts are all very good workouts to gain muscle fast.

What is the most a chimpanzee bench press?


Which English footballer can bench press the most?

Larry Allen from the Dallas Cowboys holds the biggest bench press outside of power lifting. He has bench pressed 700lbs.

What is Bob Sapp most bench press?

I am not sure but i saw him bench 45lbs one day

Who can bench press the most in WWE?

funaki or Michael cole

Which rugby player can bench press the most?

Andrew Sheridan

Who bench press the most in college football?

Trent Richardson

What percentage of us men can bench press 250 pounds?

Less than 1%. The average male that doesn't lift weights would be lucky to bench 140-150 lbs one time. 250 lbs is a serious bench press, even for the physically fit and regular exercisers. Dedication to the bench press, time, and proper diet is needed for this kind of lift, and even then most guys will not reach this weight on the bench...

What phase of the bench press is most important?

incline dumbbell press best chest exersize to do

Who can bench press the most in the NFL?

I don't know who can bench press the most but former lineback Keith Davis of the New York Giants could bench 515 pounds. Linebacker Larry Allen claims a 700 pound bench press, though i would consider it an assisted lift. I would believe he bench press something around the low 600's legitamately though. I would also assume that most professional linebackers can probably bench press between 450 and 550 pounds, seeing as how their jobs depend on them shoving 320 pound behemoths around....

Who has done the most ever bench press reps of 450?

Arnold shwartzennager

Which NFL player can bench press the most?

Larry Allen has bench pressed 700lbs under powerlifting regulations;and is known to have the highest bench press in all sports. this answer is factually innacurate. The reputed 700 pound bench press was a wide-grip, shallow-range, ASSISTED bench press and did not adhere to powerlifting regualtions. It quite simply was an illegitamate lift. Drop the number buy almost 100 pounds and it becomes a possibility...

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