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Q: What kind of performance enhancing drugs should be allowed in different sports?
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Should performance enhancing drugs or steroid be illegal?


Do you performance enhancing drugs should be legalised in sport?

Yes,it should be legalized in sports.

Why should performance enhancing drugs be banned from International Competition?

because your a cheater

What is a debate topic that comes with a lot of information?

Sports competitors should/should not be allowed to take performance enhancing drugs. If you look hard enough on the net you will find lots of information to support and disaprove this claim. I guess it is also up to your personal opinion. Have fun!

Why should Sport performance enhancing drugs be allowed?

None of them should really....You have athletes working there butt off and getting fit naturally then you have have people who can sit back, relax and pop a pill. ^Wrong. Drugs improve your skills. You will still have to work out. They just help you out.

Should you allow performance enhancing drugs in sports?

no! only if ALL of the other teams are using them. if they aren't, that's cheating

Should Performance Enhancing Drugs in sports be legalized?

There are already some legal drugs, but, like steroids, I don't think illegal drugs should be legalized.

Why should performance enhancing drugs be legalised in sport?

This needs more of a balanced argument then a straight answer, comes purely from personal opinion so from

Should an athlete be allowed to use drugs such as amphetamines or anabolic steroids to enhance performance?


Religious attitudes to performance enhancing drugs?

from a Christian perspective the body is a temple used to worship God and therefore should not be harmfully or majorly altered as it is a representation of God's creation

What is the dose of itpp for racing horse?

The dose of ITPP will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and what form the drug takes. However it should be noted that ITPP is considered an illegal performance enhancing drug and should not be used in racehorses.