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Q: What kind of penalties consist with a flag in football?
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What kind of ball do you play flag football with?

Generally flag football is played using a football.

What are some advantages of coed flag football?

being able to grope the females playing? what kind of question is that. really.

What kind of penalties was being held in bergen belsen?


What color of flag is color purple?

it depends what kind of flag it is

What can be a penalty in billiards?

You can see the different kind of penalties in the related link.

Fifteen-yard penalties are given to what kind of offense?

Personal Foul.

What kind of tree is on the UN flag?

Olive Branches are on the UN flag.

Plasma membranes consist of what kind of membrane?

A phospholipid bilayer.

What color is the flag?

For the USA it is red white and blue. but it depends on what kind of flag you are asking about

Is it illegal to have a foreign flag over the US flag?

It is not illegal in the sense that violations result in penalties of any kind. It is; however, in violation of US "Flag Code" as outline in Federal Code, which states: "When flags of two or more nations are displayed, they are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height. The flags should be of approximately equal size. International usage forbids the display of the flag of one nation above that of another nation in time of peace."

What kind of tree is the Lebanon flag?

A cedar.

A vexillologist is what kind of expert?

Flag expert

What kind of dog is on Yukons flag?


What is the best kind of football?

nike or Wilson but not pigskin if you get a football get a leather football.

What kind of shoes to football players wear?

Football cleats.

How do you need to play football?

what kind of football soccer or something

What kind of shose do football players wear?

Football cleats.

What kind of chords consist of pitches that sound agreeable and stable?


What kind of tree is on the Lebanese flag?

A cedar tree.

What kind of bird is on the flag of Poland?

White Eagle

Is Capture The Flag Awesome?

It depends what kind of person you are.

What kind of eagle is on the Mexican flag?

Golden Eagle

What kind of shoes does a football player wear on the football field?


Are there any cheats for football manager 09?

Kind of Kind of

How do you put your flag on your flag pole?

There are old kind of flag pole that you have to bring down the cord the pull down so that you'll be able to put your flag on it. But as of today their is a telescopic flag poles that easily bring the top of flag pole and easily attached the flag on it.