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That's what I play Netball on hope that helps

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Q: What kind of outside surface is best for a netball court?
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Who is the most best netball team?

The best netball team is the swifts

What is the best surface to play basketball on?

a basketball court

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How many people play on court in netball?

AnswerThere are 7 players on the netball court from each team the positions are: Goal defence, wing Defence, Goal Attack, Centre, Wing attack, Goal Keeper and Goal Shooter. it is probably best that you have 9 players, 2 sub's incase of injuries.

What is the best netball team in Australia?

The current ANZ Netball Championship best team in Australia are the NSW Swifts

What is the best surface for an outside basketball court?

My school used Plexipave to install our new court, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The kids love playing on it because the ball bounces so well!Flex Court® Basketball Court is on I've heard ofAnother is: Sport-Floor Basketball Court

What is the best netball club in the blacktown council area?

Glenwood netball club

Why is Liz Ellis the best player in netball?

you would know if you have seen her play netball .

Why practice netball?

it is the best!

What is Irene Van dyk famous for?

she is the best netball player and is the best shooter in netball in New Zealand and shes cool DAR pretty obvious!

Who is the all-stars netball team?

the best netball team ever who are superior and can beat all teams

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What is the best team in netball?


What is the best surface for a basketball court between asphalt concrete grass wood and why?

asphalt has the best bounce and it doesnt make much noise

What is the name of the best netball team in the world?

the best name is.............................................................pooh

What is the best netball position?

there is no best position as a fact but there is as a opinion your opinion

Which country in the world are the best at netball?


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Do you have to be an experienced netball player to play for the netball team?

No, you don't have to be an experienced netball player to play for a netball team. Everyone has to start somewhere. Start & you will soon get better. best of luck

Who is the best Australian Netball player?

Liz Ellis

Who is the best men netball player?

Anthony Vaughan

Who it the best netball player in the world?

selaelo mphasha from...

Who is the best netball player in jamaica?

romelda aikins

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