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You could pick up Baseball glove oil at your local sporting goods store. There is also a product called lanolin that works well. Lanolin (hydrous) is an ointment that is sold to treat dry skin and can be purchased at your local pharmacy or Walgreens. Some professional Major League ballplayers use lanolin to work their gloves in as well. Lanolin will keep the glove supple, and its waterproofing properties will keep the glove from drying out.

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You should apply glove oil on a first base glove. It works regardless of the type of glove.

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Of course you CAN, but whether it's a good thing is an entirely different matter.

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baby oil

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Q: What kind of oil do you put on a baseball glove?
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How do you flare a baseball glove?

You oil the thumb put it in the microwave and shape it.

What are ways to break baseball gloves in?

Use some oil that you buy from a store it is usually called glove conditioner. Put it in the oven for it to work. After that toss a baseball a lot and tie the ball in the glove. dont [ut your glove in the oven the person who said to due that had absolutely know clue what they are talking about you can just put some oil or glove conditioner on it then wrap it with the ball in the pocket but i repeat DO NOT put your glove in the oven it wrecks it.

Can you put pine tar on a baseball glove?


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How do you bake a baseball glove?

First, oil or spray your glove down good. Then, place in the oven at 325 to 350 for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on stiffness of leather. Pull it out of the oven and rub off excess oil. As soon as you feel you can place your hand inside the heated glove do so. (I recommend a batting glove of some sorts for this part.) Once your hand is in work it a couple of times then place a baseball or softball in the pocket and close the glove as if you were making a catch and tie the the glove in this position. Then, let the glove sit for 4 or 5 hours. Untie the glove and work it for 30 minutes. Repeat as necessary.

How do you put your name on a baseball glove?

in your local store. ask for 'needle and thread'

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How do you loosen a hard baseball gloove?

Well, I don't play baseball but instead I play softball but basically it's the same principle. You can buy glove oil at any wal-mart in the sporting goods for a fairly cheap price. Some glove oils require heat and others just rubbing in the oil very well. Ive also heard, but never tried, that if you put your glovee in the oven on low heat with a ball inside of it with a string tighly wrapped around your glove it's much faster than glove oil. Various ways that I would never try are things such as running your glove over with a car several times and just abusing it for about a week. But the bast way I have found is some good old-fashioned glove oil and catching a lot of hard-thrown balls.

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