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Your need Professional Liability

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Q: What kind of liability insurance does a private fitness instructor need?
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What type of liability insurance does a self-employed CPR instructor who goes to private residences and businesses in the Los Angeles California area to teach need?

You need Professional General Liabilty Insurance.

Does a vet need to be bondable?

No, but veterinarians in private practice should have professional liability insurance.

Does a private pilot require liability insurance in SC?

Contact your states dept. of insurance and ask, if not required, might still be a good idea.

Is sr22 insurance provided by private insurance companies?

In the United States, an SR-22 is a vehicle liability insurance document used by some state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices. It provides proof that a driver has the minimum required liability insurance coverage for that particular state.

Is personal liability insurance useful?

"Personal liability insurance can be useful for some people. It protects against financial losses if you are sued for slander, defamation, invasion of privacy, etc. People such as journalists and private investigators usually purchase it."

What is private liability?

Private liability is a type of company that offers limited liability. This limited liability can also include limited legal protection for its shareholders.

Where would one go to find a good athletic trainer?

One should usually go to a respected gym or fitness company, or to a well reputable fitness instructor. Generally, private, independent fitness instructors would be more expensive to employe than athletic trainers who work for a gym or for a fitness company.

What is Third party Auto Insurance, and when should I be needing to know this information?

This type of insurance covers liabilities to third parties (as the name pointedly suggests). It covers, among other things, liability for injuries to people, liability for damage to private property, liability for damage caused by a trailer attached to the car, etc.

Can a self employed, private contractor in the Fitness Industry with no employees (an entity of one) purchase a personal/professional liability policy with a workman's comp coverage added to it $1,000, 000 - 3,000,000 liability and $1,000,000 workman's ?

Such liability policies exist. If you are incorporated and paying taxes, you'll already have some type of workers comp insurance through the state. You may be best off, however, purchasing an umbrella policy (for the liability) and disability insurance for yourself (as workers' comp) from an existing insurer. Your homeowners'/car insuraner (State Farm, Alllstate USAA almost certainly has umbrella policies.)

Does a farm vehicle need insurance in Florida?

Farm Vehicles being operated on private property do not need liability Insurance. Only if you take the vehicle onto a public road, you will need the insurance required by law.

How do you find out if a homeowner has liability insurance?

If it's a case like where the owners dog bit someone, they will be reluctant to reveal this information. When that happens, you best bet is to hire a private investigator who has access to the insurance industry insurance databases.

What insurance benefits do veterinarians get?

This varies considerably depending upon the individual contract negotiated by each veterinarian with their employer. In the United States in private practice, this can range from no insurance benefits through their employer to full medical/dental/vision/prescription coverage, disability insurance, life insurance and professional liability insurance.

What are the differences in public limited and private limited company?

What are the similarities between a public limited liability company and a private limited liability company.

What is a private insurance plan?

Private insurance plans include all forms of health insurance that are not funded by the government.

Do you need to buy auto insurance in NJ if the car is not being driven and is just sitting in a garage?

If the car is registered, meaning that it has license plates, it must have liability insurance. If you hace a loan, the bank probably requires insurance. If it is just sitting on private property without tags, no insurance needed.

What is a private health insurance plan?

A private health insurance plan is one that you pay for yourself and covers you and your family. It is possible to have health insurance through your employer and private insurance at the same time.

What is the definition of private health insurance coverage?

Private health insurance is an alternative to government issued health insurance. It can be provided through a union or employer or one can purchase it from a private health insurance company.

What is private medical insurance?

Private medical insurance is medical insurance that is purchased directly through a provider and not through the state. For example Blue Cross Blue Shield is a private medical insurance provider.

What kind of liability insurance is available to private individuals not professional who conduct their own renovations in a co-op apartment?

Contact a good agent in your area, they will be able to advise you.

Personal Trainers?

form_title=Personal Trainers form_header=10163 What type of training are you interested in?*= () Private instruction () Group training Please specify your gender.*= () Male () Female At what location will the instruction take place?*= () I will go to instructor or facility () I would like instructor to come to me () No preference How would you describe your fitness goals?*= [] Strength & fitness training [] Weight loss [] Nutrition counseling [] Improve sports performance [] Rehabilitation [] Other

How much would private health insurance cost me?

Private health insurance would cost 150-300 dollars a month. Since the insurance is private, the premium will be a lot higher than regular health insurance.

Which major insurance companies offer private healthcare?

All insurance companies offer private healthcare. All healthcare is private due to HIPPA laws. Anthem is a great insurance company that offers private healthcare.

How did the government health insurance program in Canada effect private insurance companies?

Private insurance companies provide some coverage where the public insurance fails in Canada. The health insurance act of 1984 was instituted and provided problems for private insurance companies seeking to enter the market. Many canadians have private insurance to cover small things like vision care.

Is insurance required for private roads owned by a homeowners association?

No--unless it is required by the HOA bylaws or CC&Rs. However, having liability insurance is advisable for a homeowners' association because of the expense and burden of lawsuits in today's world.

Is private mortgage insurance available in Pennsylvania?

Yes private mortgage insurance is available in Pennsylvania. Private mortgage inusrance is available in all states you just need to look around and find a place that deals in private insurance.