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shotokan style

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Q: What kind of karate does northern karate school hold?
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What kind of karate is the best in the US?

American Kenpo Karate.

What kind of rituals are neeeded in karate?

There are no 'rituals' in karate. There is respect and manners, typically indicated by bowing.

What kind of arenas is karate held in?

Although karate can be performed anywhere, it is most commonly done in a dojo.

What kind of college degree do you need to coach karate?

There is no college degree required to teach or coach karate.

What kind of dog is in the karate dog movie?


What kind of dog in karate dog?

maybe a briard?

Do girls likes guys do karate?

Depends on what kind of guy it is and what kind of girl it is

What kind of karate was performed in karate kid?

This is not a common or actual karate, i believe because they would not have the time to train the actor and their main concern is visual satisfaction.

What kind of hawk was in the next karate kid?

It was a Harris Hawk

What kind of Hawk is in The Next Karate Kid?

Harris Hawk

What kind of games or sports do the Chinese play?

ping pong,karate

What is a pig joke?

What kind of pig knows karate? A pork chop!

What kind of style of karate is in Germany?

You can pretty much find any style of karate in Germany that you are interested in, including:Shorin ryuTang Soo DoTaekwondo!

What kind of safety procedure do you take at school for a tornado?

get up under the a desk and hold your hands over your head

What kind of training did Samuel receive from Hannah?

Karate Training, and bowstaff training!

What kind of car did johnny drive in the karate kid movie?

Studebaker avanti

What is a word describing a kangaroo that starts with k?


What kind of dance does Mei Ying do in karate kid?

a stripper type dance

What kind of sport is Korea known for?

tae kwon do it is like karate but different

Do you lose more weight in karate gymnastics or drill team?

Over time you will lose more in gymnastics but if your not ready for that kind of challenge i would say karate

What kind of martial arts are in japan?

Karate , Kendo , jujitsu , Judo , many kinds.

What kind of class do you have to take to join WWE raw?

karate class or learn by a master

What kind of hat is Jackie Chan wearing in Karate Kid?

It is a leather hat with earflaps.

What is a example of a haiku poem about martial arts?

You could do it about Karate? That is kind of like martial arts

What was the kind of karate Bruce Lee made?

hmm.... don't you mean kung fu? lol