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school team jacket, blue jeans, backwards cap and big shoes!!!!

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Q: What kind of jock should your son wear?
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How do you show your son to put on a jock cup?

Put the cup in the jock strap and tell him to wear it like underwear...

What age can my son get a jockstrap for school pe?

Any boy that plays PE should be wearing a jockstrap for the support of his family jewels. If the boy has started wearing boxers before 7th grade ( Jr high) he should wear a regular Bike jock under those boxers. I would recommend however try fitting your son well before that if he skateboards often with a cup/ jock NO compression shorts.

Should your son wear a bra?

In general, boys are no encouraged to wear bras. If he is interested in wearing a bra or if he is uncomfortable when working out because of a larger chest, then you and your son should consider it.

Is it normal for your teenage son to wear skinny jeans?

depending on what kind of guy he is. but usually, yes

Your 11 yr old son says the other boys don't wear a cup playing tackle football so he doesn't want to either. Can anyone explain why or why not a cup should be used?

When I was young my coaches told us a cup was not necessary for football but it was manditory to wear something for support (a jock strap/athletic supporter). it is more important in baseball to wear a cup because the baseballs are thrown and hit at high speeds.

Should 10 year old son wear diapers?

Unless he has any disabilities or conditions - no.

What kind of meats should you give to your son besides lamb?

You should give steak and roast pork

can my son wear a cardigan with a tie for a school event or should he just wear a shirt?

If it is formal, that will be fine. If it isnt formal, I would just suggest a shirt.

What is the oldest age someone should be playing club penguin. My son is 16 has a preety girlfriend very popular in school a jock and is his high schools starting qaurterback. Is he to old?

Sorry, but I would say yes.

What should i do if my son wants to wear diapers?

Yes. Let him but only at home. Dont let his friends find out.

Is it a good punishment to make your son wear his sisters pants?

No, making your son wear his sisters pants is not a good punishment.

What should you do if your son wants some bras?

Well I would let him wear Bras . Even take him out Bra Shopping and let him get some . But Only let him wear them around the house .