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The study of sports medicine and sports science involves applying medical and scientific principles to sports, exercise, and the ability of the body to perform physically. These two fields are broad and can lead to many different educational and career opportunities.

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Q: What kind of job can I get with a sports medicine degree?
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What is sports medicine, and how do you get a degree in sports medicine?

Sports medicine is centered around athletes. Any job related to sports medicine is going to be usually locker room physicians or doctors specializing in sports injuries of many different natures.

What kind of job can you get with a medicine degree?

You can become a doctor, vet, some kind of nurse

Do you need a doctor degree for sports rehabilitation and sports therapy sports medicine?

yes you do. what you need for sports medicine is a 6 year doctors degree in a sports medicine related field, such as athletic training. Once you complete that then you can sit for your boards test and become a certified. The more experience you have the better chances you have at getting a great job. Sports medicine is a highly competitive field. If you really want to be one, study hard

What kind of a job can you get with a bachelor's degree in health science with a concentration in exercise science?

You could probably get a job in sports health and as a councelor in sports health or a trainer.

How many people with degree in medicine have a job in medicine?

about 95%

What is the salary of a physical therapist?

This job is a highly paid job, the average salary is 79,000 dollars a year. This job requires a degree and certification in physical therapy. Many sports medicine doctors are physical therapists.

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