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Q: What kind of house did Lionel messi have when he was kid?
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What football club did Lionel Messi support when he was a kid?

FC Barcelona

How many kids did Lionel Messy have?

2 kids (Boy's) Elder Kid Name: Thiago Messi (4 Years) Younger Kid Name: Mateo Messi (2 Years)

Who is the best soccer player as of right now?

It is a kid named Ismail Ibragimov and a man named Lionel Messi

Does soccer star Lionel Messi have any kids?

Even though he has a girl friend he does not have any kids as yet.

What are Lionel messi's character traits?

Messi is very calm and humble by nature, he hardly fights on the pitch.

What obstacles did Lionel messi have to overcome?

messi has lots of challenges but the biggest one is Cristiano ronaldo a other one is kaka but Cristiano ronaldo is the best player in the world

Why is messi so small?

Messi is short because because when he was a kid he had a growth disorder but then he got a surgery.Barcelona noticed how good of a player he was so they made a deal with Messi saying that if he played for Barcelona then they would pay for his surgery. After this Messi has been playing with the team of Barcelona since his teenage years.

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