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Gravity pulling the skydiver to the ground as well as wind resistance pushing up on the skydiver.

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Q: What kind of forces work on a skydiver?
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Is a skydiver accelerating downward balanced?

If you mean "balanced forces", no: if forces are balanced, there is no acceleration.

What are the forces acting on a skydiver?

Drag, I think? drag is good

What forces stay the same when a skydiver opens the parachute?


What forces occur on a skydiver?

net force and gravity and possibly a parachute

A 950-N skydiver jumps from an altitude of 3000 m. What is the total work performed on the skydiver?

Work is the force times distance, so the answer is 2,850,000 joules.

What kind of chute do skydiver's use?

a parachute

Could you give an example of something moving when net force of zero acts on it?

Certainly. Say you have an object that has been falling through the air for a long time, say a skydiver. After falling for a long time, the skydiver will fall at a constant velocity. This is called terminal velocity, and this is when the air resistance pushing up around the skydiver is equal to the force of gravity pulling the skydiver down. The skydiver is not accelerating. By using F= ma, with zero acceleration, there is zero net force. The skydiver is moving as if there are no forces acting on the skydiver.

A 950 N skydiver jumps from an altitude of 3000 m what is the total work performed on the skydiver?

Work is the force times distance, so the answer is 2,850,000 joules.

Are the forces balanced or unbalanced when a skydiver is accelerating downward?

An acceleration requires an unbalanced force.

What is the magnitude of the force of gravity on the skydiver with 845 N?

If you're telling us that the skydiver weighs 845 newtons, then that's the magnitudeof the forces of gravity between him and the Earth whenever he's near the Earth.

What forces act on a skydiver when then jump out of a plane?

when a skydiver jumps out of a plane, the dominant force is gravity, pulling him/her towards the ground, although some air resistance is also acting on him/her, allowing him/her to fall at a steady speed (not dropping like a stone), so the forces acting on the skydiver are almost balanced. of course, all that changes when the parachute opens. then the air resistance greatly increases, drastically slowing the descent down to earth.

What kind of energy does a skydiver falling use?

kinetic energy

What forces are acting on a skydiver?

Gravity pulling the skydiver down towards the earth. And friction (air resistance) acting in the opposite direction. The force of friction increases as the the skydiver falls faster until it is equal but opposite to the force of gravity. When this happens the Skydiver has reached terminal velocity.

How do the forces on a skydiver change during a jump?

The force of gravity on the skydiver will basically not change over time.Frictional forces (air resistance) will increase as the skydiver's speed goes up. Both the speed and the air resistance will increase, until the force of air resistance balances the force of gravity. At that point, the skydiver is said to have achieved terminal velocity.

What are the forces involved in skydiving?

The forces involved in the freefall part of a skydive are Gravity and air resistance (drag). As the parachute is deployed, drag opens the canopy and the skydiver's weight provides tension on the lines. When the canopy has opened, the skydiver's weight is supported lift provided by the canopy. The canopy also generates thrust and drag, like an aeroplane's wing.

What actors and actresses appeared in Beyond the Thrill - 2014?

The cast of Beyond the Thrill - 2014 includes: Nick Halseth as Skydiver Greg Heideman as Skydiver Andy Junghans as Skydiver John Kreutchmeyer as Skydiver Alissa Olson as Skydiver

How does forces affect the sport of sky diving?

Gravity pulls the skydiver towards the centre of the earth (downwards force). The air causes wind resistance, slowing the sky diver down (upwards force). The wind can also cause a slight sideways force upon the skydiver.

What kind of scientist studies motions forces and energy to explain why things work?

really i have no idea

How much air resistance acts on a 500 N skydiver that falls at her terminal velocity?

500 N is pressumably the weight, due to gravity. "Terminal velocity" means that the forces are in balance; the total force acting on the skydiver are zero. This is only possible if there is a 500 N force due to friction, to counteract the weight.

When did Eli Thompson - skydiver - die?

Eli Thompson - skydiver - died in 2009.

When was Eli Thompson - skydiver - born?

Eli Thompson - skydiver - was born in 1973.

Who is the oldest skydiver?

When a skydiver jumps out of an airplane there are two forces acting on her gravity and air resistance After falling for a few seconds the forces due to gravity and air resistance balance each other?

Your question is slightly confusing as you seem to have answered it yourself. A little extra though, the speed at which the skydiver is now travelling is called terminal velocity and it is the fastest an object can travel with only gravity + air resistance acting on it as forces. Due to differing air resistances everything has its own unique terminal velocity and it is possible to alter it, this is the principle behind a parachute.

Can forces work in space?

Yes. Forces work in space. Gravitational, mechanical and electrical forces work in space.

How can a skier achieve greater velocity than a skydiver?

If a skier is in a jump, then a skier and skydiver is pretty much the same thing. In general though, a skydiver has only air resistance, the skier has air resistance and friction with the ski-snow, so the skydiver has an edge on speed.

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