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Don't eat complex carbohydrates before a game when your body takes too much energy on the inside to digest and you will end up feeling more hungry later on. I'd suggest eating something with a even amount of protein fat and carbohydrates(but stay away from something complex and stuff with high fructose corn syrup). If anything read the book Enter The Zone by Barry Sears, it is very interesting to read

Do not eat carbs my team mate passed out in a game cause carbs turn straight to sugar then u crash.Definitely do not eat a baked potato cause you will get all jacked up once you start playing.

I have played footall (soccer) compeditavely for over 8 years...before every game our team eats bananas and protein shakes and drink ALOT of water...wait a while after the game before having too much sugar...u will feel sick...protein shakes are very easy to make...u just make a normal smoothie and add protein really helps our team (eat and drink about an hour before the game)Also NO SUAGR the night before..the sugar doesnt catch up to you until the next day and it will slow u down

i would eat a banana with a little but of peanut butter the morning of the game...or a hour before the game. it will help to give you energy and protein. The night before i would sugggest eating pasta of some sort and chicken. But the bagels is also a very good idea.

In my experience don't eat any kinds of meats like chicken because then it will hurt your stomach while you are trying to run.I also read not to eat any protein like fish or protein bars.You can eat breads and bagels though.

Breads and Bagels would be the best thing to eat before a football game.

The night before a footballr game i suggest eatting pasta with absolutely no pop.ON the day of eat a bagel with cream chesse&&water

I am a football Player and I think that's bagels aren't good right before a game. Eat a baked potato and some scrambled eggs the night before or on the morning of the game.

"> "> ">I play football quite a bit and I think that anything with carbs or starch is good like any pasta or potatoes, but it needs to be eaten with at least two hours to digest the food. Always eat lite immediately before the game, a good breakfast with eggs and a banana is good. A small bit of fruit is usually good if you want a snack before the game. Plus all the water your body will hold. "> "> ">The Best Thing To Have Before A Match Is porridge eat this for breakfast and lots of water then about a half an hour before have a banana and if you want to have lucasade put only a couple of sips before and during ;) ">The morning of your match be up at least 4 hours beforehand. Gor breakfast have cereal (Eg: Cornflakes, weatabix, Rice Krispies or Porridge) Do not eat anything coated in chocolate and do not add extra sugar. Top you bowl up with fresh fruit (Eg Strawberries,raspberries, grapes or bananas). Have a glass of juice or water. Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after the match, if you are hungry before the match eat a banana because it has slow releasing energy and won't make you have a stich when you are playing. About an hour before the match drink something like a lucozade sport for an energy boost and keep drinking it through play.
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Q: What kind of food should you eat before a Football game?
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