What kind of floors do schools have?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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It depends about which school you are talking about.

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Q: What kind of floors do schools have?
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What kind of floors do homes in Armenia have?

Homes in Armenia mostly have wooden floors.

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What kind of wood are gym floors made out of?

Gym floors are typically made of natural hickory hardwood

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How do you get the film off your hard wood floors?

That depends what kind of 'film' it is.

What kind of schools are closed?

Any kind of schools can be closed permanently or temporarily due to emergencies or weather.

What is a consortium agreement?

Consortium agreement is a kind of agreement with different kind of eligible schools. Schools which are part of this agreement receive aid from other schools.

What tools do I need to take up old wooden floors?

The tools you need to take up any flooring depends on what kind of wooden floors they are , they could be the cheap hardwood tile floors or the old fashioned wooden floors . I would contact a professional or go to a Lowe's or Home Depot and find out exactly what kind of tools are needed for this type of job , they will be able to better help

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There are many options for kitchen floors that are simple to install, will last a long time and not be ruined by spills. Two of the best options for kitchens include laminate floors and stone floors.

What kind of floors are used in the floor exercises for the Olympic gymnast?

in the comfort room in the boys

In 1647 what kind of schools did they have in Rhode Island?

they had very old reliogus schools

What did schools in the 1700s look like?

They had dirt or wooden floors with either a log roof or a grass top and they only had one room.