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Q: What kind of famous basketball players played in the Olympics?
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What teams played basketball in the 1904 Olympics'?

Nobody. Basketball did not start in the Olympics until 1936.

What famous basketball players wore number 25?

Robert Horry is one. He played for the Houston Rockets.

Could you be in Olympics basketball team at age16?

Technically yes. Ricky Rubio played for the Spanish National team as a teenager. Basketball teams that make the Olympics usually have older and better players than 16 year olds, however. Some Olympic gymnasts and divers are 16 year olds, but generally no basketball players are.

Is basketball a winter Olympic sport?

No. Basketball is played at the summer olympics.

Why do the Spurs have so many foreign born players?

Nowadays foreign players are better at basketball compared to the US. The Olympics can not be ruled by the US any longer because countries have played more and more basketball. Soon a lot more team will have foreign born players.

Conclusion to basketball?

what are the 5 best players that played in basketball history?

Did basketball players get played for Olympic?


What is a basketball players dirt like?

Basketball is played on hardwood courts, not dirt.

Which British football players have played in the Olympics?


When was basketball first played in the Olympics?

In 1932 in Berlin games

What male basketball player played in the Olympics?

Deron williams

When did basketball enter the Olympics?

First basketball competition was played in the demonstration Olympics in 1904. However, this competition was entirely U.S. teams. The first international Olympics basketball tournament was held in 1936 in Berlin, Germany.

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